Thursday, July 16, 2009


Share Your Regas Story: An Anniversary Invitation

Regas Restaurant is celebrating 90 memorable years. Regas is the oldest restaurant in Tennessee, founded on July 7, 1919 in Knoxville, by Frank and George Regas, two Greek immigrant brothers.
Since that time, there have been many memories created at Regas. We all have stories to tell. No one can tell your story but you.

Your Story is Our Story.
Your story is a unique piece of Regas history. We are inviting you to share your favorite remembrances of Regas with us.

The stories collected during our anniversary celebration will be the foundation for an ongoing effort to collect your Regas stories so that we can preserve and share our story. This ever-growing collection will be available for public viewing on our special website in cooperation with The Great Heritage Campaign of the Treasury of Family Heritage.

New information will be provided here soon to help you access our collection of stories. Enjoy the history and memories that make up the Regas story.

Opportunities to Share Your Story

E-mail stories and photos to:

Mail to:
Your Story is Our Story
c/o Susan Witt
5210 Luttrell Road
Knoxville, TN 37918

For questions or to set up an appointment to videotape a recollection
Call: Susan Witt @ (865) 687-3838

We are grateful for your support throughout our 90 memorable years.
Thank you for your contributions to this effort to collect your Regas story.